What Patients are Saying…

What Patients are Saying…

Dr Harrington’s patience, thoroughness, encouragement, and extensive knowledge have brought me to being Lyme free. I have more energy, and a greater sense of physical health.
-R. S.

After following a special diet and taking various digestive supplements recommended by Dr. Harrington, I noticed improvement in how I felt. After a few months of treatment, the discomfort I was experiencing is almost all gone. Any flare-ups that occur are the result of straying from my diet.
J. M.

Basically my health was failing. I was dizzy, forgetful and achy. I had blurry vision. I had terrible anxiety problems. I was being treated by a doctor but the medication made me sick. I had trouble working and I was losing my sense of myself.
I have been seeing Dr. Harrington for just about a year and I am a new man. My dizziness, blurry vision, and achiness are just about gone, if not gone. My anxiety is negligible. I feel so much better and I am able to exercise. I follow Dr. Harrington’s recommendations for supplements. I feel so thankful to him for all his help and I am proud of myself for all my hard work! I feel like my old self.
-T. B.

I had a lot of joint pain and soreness. My hands ached and my hips and shins hurt. I felt tired all the time. Through Dr. Harrington’s help and guidance, I am feeling much better.
-M. M.

My skin is much better. I am able to control the outbreaks through diet. Huge improvement!
-D. P.

No more weakness or joint pain! I am able to sleep much better. I have more energy. I am able to enjoy everyday activities.
-J. S.

I had minimal energy. Lyme affected my daily life!! As of today, I wake up feeling energized and ready for the day. I have more ambition to be able to go anywhere and not worry about not feeling well.
-N. V.

I could find no relief from the constant intestinal pain, bloating and gas pains I was having. With diet change and the right supplements, I feel I have my life back!
-J. F.

I had with severe pre-menopausal symptoms when I started being seen and now my symptoms are virtually gone. It’s been remarkable!
-G. W.

I had been down a long road of antibiotics for Lyme and I knew it was well overdue to get on a naturopathic treatment. I was declining rapidly and was scared for my life. I started seeing Dr. Harrington 3 months ago and I am 50% better! Dr. Harrington is helping me understand how to eat better for my health and the fact that my protocol is so individualized assures me that he understands what my body needs and wants to fully heal.
-E. S.

I had extreme stomach nausea before I came to see Dr. Harrington. Every time I would eat, I would feel like vomiting. I had difficulty going out to dinner with family and friends without worrying about getting sick. It was disrupting my daily activities. I haven’t had a stomach issue after visiting Sunrise Nutrition Center! By controlling my diet and taking all-natural supplements, I got my body back on track and feel healthy again! No more worries!!
-E. P.

I was diagnosed with Lyme and was talking antibiotics. When I came to Dr. Harrington, I was in severe pain, had anxiety and severe depression. I have been coming to Dr. Harrington for 10 weeks and I feel like I am almost back to myself. I am no longer having pain, vertigo, anxiety and depression. It has been a great experience and would encourage others to follow his protocol.

My energy levels were very low and I had a great deal of difficulty losing weight. Depression was also a problem and I felt it was a struggle to get up and going each day. I also wanted to eat healthier. Now I am so much better! Energy is not an issue. I have learned to make the right food choices and am happier and healthier than I have been in a long time. Along with the supplements, proper diet and exercise, I feel as if now I am in control of my life and each day is a new adventure.
-L. T.

I had weird random aches all over my body, mainly in my joints. I had fatigue and sleeping a lot didn’t help. I started experiencing severe pain in my left knee while I would stand and walk. Now that I have been to Dr. Harrington, my pains are gone or on their way out. I am not tired all the time and my knees are healing. I can run again! I also have lost 30 pounds!!
-K. Y.

When I came to Dr. Harrington, I was very immobile, had limited movement, was hard to walk and get around. My limp was very pronounced and I had a bone spur on my good leg. I was on a high dose of prednisone for my asthma and needed to use my inhaler throughout the day. I was also sleepy during the day and would fall asleep during activities. Now I am much more mobile, have less pain and soreness, can sometimes go without my cane and my bone spur is almost gone. I have been able to cut my prednisone dosage in half and have cut down on my inhaler usage. I am also sleeping better than before and my hair, skin and nails are much better.
-B. D.

I was very tired, achy and ill feeling when I first came to see Dr. Harrington. After one month on the program, my energy has improved greatly! I am feeling much better!!
-R. D.

When I first came to see Dr. Harrington, I was 20+ lbs. over weight, had light headedness, anxiety, heart palpitations, occasional vertigo, joint pain from Lyme’s disease, chronic acid reflux and neck issues. After being on the program, I have lost over 20 lbs., have lots of energy, no more light headedness or anxiety, no more Lyme’s or joint pain or acid reflux! I am still working on neck issues but I feel GREAT!! Dr. Harrington is a God send and is very dedicated to addressing your issues!!
A. P.

Before I came to Dr. Harrington, I thought I was in pretty good shape with the exception of osteoporosis. Instead of the once yearly IV treatment recommended by my family doctor, I wanted to try a safer, more natural approach to treatment of my osteoporosis. Through muscle testing, Dr. Harrington found areas in my body that were weak and contributed to the bone loss. In the eight months that I have been seeing Dr. Harrington, I have lost 27 lbs. Under his guidance, I have begun to eat properly and I’m doing muscle strengthening exercises to strengthening exercises to strengthen my spine. I am looking forward to the results of my next dexa scan scheduled for next month. My new diet and lifestyle have benefitted not only my osteoporosis but also my overall feeling of wellness.

I was having a recurring problem with thrush in my mouth. This caused me to have difficulty with eating and drinking. Fatigue was another symptom and also problems with sleeping. Now the burning sensation and sores in my mouth have disappeared. I have more energy and also am sleeping more soundly.
-K. H.

I have learned so much about taking care of myself from the inside out. By adjusting my eating habits, taking good supplements and regular exercise, I have experienced a world of difference in how I feel. My mood is better, I don’t get tired halfway through the day and I’m off all meds. Dr. Harrington’s procedure is noninvasive and all natural. His passion for good health and individual care for each of his patients is astounding and very encouraging. I highly recommend the services he has available to anyone, (which is probably everyone) who has any health issues. Thank you Dr. Harrington for your expertise and encouragement. I couldn’t do it without you!