Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Healthy Weight Loss in Three Weeks
Have you ever heard the saying “If I could only lose 10 pounds?”
Do you have stubborn weight that just won’t leave? Are your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers too high? Do you have digestive problems or not enough energy? Then the Standard Process Purification Program may be exactly what your body is looking for. The Journal of Chiropractic Medicine published a recent research study revealing positive changes in total cholesterol, triglycerides and weight in every patient who did the Standard Process Purification Program.

Nine pounds was the average weight loss in just 3 weeks! Also,the average total cholesterol dropped 47 points and the average LDL cholesterol dropped 35 points!

This program does not only address healthy weight loss, but it’s also designed to improve heart health and remove the toxins that we carry in our bodies every day. According to the Environmental Working Group, more than 200 chemicals have been found in umbilical cord blood of newborn babies. Of particular concern is the plastics additive bisphenol A (or BPA), which mimics estrogen and has been linked to developmental problems, reproductive abnormalities, precancerous growths, diabetes, asthma and obesity.

There are approximately 84,000 chemicals registered for use in the United States!
Many hundreds of these chemicals are present in our bodies and research has shown that they can disrupt our immune, nervous, endocrine and reproductive systems.

Due to hormonal changes, many times these chemicals and toxins must be cleared out before the body can lose weight. Therefore, this program is designed to remove those toxins which have been damaging your health for years. Purification (or detoxification), will help you remove those toxins you have been exposed to everyday. Pesticides, plastics, food preservatives, food coloring, cosmetics, industrial pollutants, contaminated water, laundry detergent, household cleaners, dry cleaning etc. build up in our internal organs without our knowledge. These toxins can increase our risk of inflammation, autoimmune disease, cancer and a host of other problems.

*If you desire to become pregnant, purification will reduce the risks of problems in the newborn, however it must be done before you are pregnant.

Symptoms indicating the need for purification include:

Trouble Sleeping

Chronic Inflammation

Mood Swings


High Cholesterol

High Blood Pressure

Joint Pain

Difficulty Losing Weight

Digestive Problems (gas, bloating, acid reflux)

Brain Fog


Chronic Infections


The program uses dietary changes, a whole food supplement shake (containing protein and vegetables), and powerful whole food nutritional supplements which aid the cleansing process. Doing a cleanse on the cellular level, and purifying the body (not just a bowel cleanse) is truly what the body needs.

The Three Week Purification Program Includes:
* A detailed health history and physical evaluation (including BMI and body fat %)
* Powerful whole food supplements and herbs for cleansing (SP Green Food and SP Cleanse) * A whole food protein/vegetable shake mix to ward off hunger and detoxify (SP Complete)
* Fiber that gently ensures a bowel movement everyday (Whole Food Fiber)
* 52 page booklet and journal explaining the program
* Free DVD on Purification and explanation of the program
* Daily email support for 21 days including tips and recipes
* Ionic Cleanse Detoxification Foot-bath: The feet can provide another route of detoxification.
Negative ions generated in a foot-bath can harmlessly increase detox through the feet. This new addition to the Purification Program can enhance results and is FREE during the 3 week program!
* Once a week health check by the Doctor to ensure the program is working and if any adjustments to the program need to be made.

Not everyone responds the same way when doing a Purification Program. After first starting the program, mild uncomfortable symptoms may arise (which indicate the program is working). The poisons and toxins (such as plastic residues, pesticides, heavy metals etc.) that your body has stored for many years may come to the surface and create temporary fatigue or a mild headache. This is usually short lived (if it happens at all) and is easily handled by your doctor. Therefore, it is important to be seen by Dr. Harrington during the course of your three week program. He will also ensure that you are doing the program correctly.

How will I feel after the Purification Program?
*Most people have increased energy and feel younger *Average weight loss between 9 and 10 pounds *Improved digestion including less bloating
*Clearer skin that people will notice
*Better sleep and clearer mind through the day *Generally overall feeling of wellness and vitality

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For more information visit Standard Process Purification Program.