Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing

What is Nutrition Response Testing?
Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of illness and non-optimum health.

Our clinically proven system may be quite different from any other healing practice that you may have experienced. It uses a biofeedback analysis of the acupuncture and neurological reflexes on the surface of the skin. This allows us to find out which organs are stressed and what nutrition is needed to improve their function. Instead of using medications to treat a symptom, it’s a way to give the body the tools it needs to heal itself naturally!

The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself, but sometimes certain stressors can interfere with your body’s own healing ability. Food allergies, heavy metals, pesticides, environmental chemicals, chronic infections and other stressors can sabotage your health despite a good nutrition plan. Nutrition Response Testing can find different stressors which may be interfering with your body’s innate healing ability.

What happens at my first appointment?
We will take a detailed health history, symptom survey, a non-invasive computerized test used to access biological age and overall health, and the Nutrition Response Testing itself. The actual procedure is simple and direct, with the body providing all of the information and feedback needed. We use the extraordinary properties of the human cells and tissues to bring about true healing and optimal health….exactly as Nature intended.

The body responds to the procedure reliably and consistently. This feedback is so precise that it opens the door to a safe and lasting recovery, even in cases where everything else has failed.

The body has the full potential to fully repair itself, when given the right nutrients.

What are we testing for?
Through our analysis, we are testing your body’s neurological reflexes. These reflexes are the body’s way of telling us what and how your nervous system is doing – as it is the nervous system’s responsibility to regulate the body’s functions for each and every organ. The testing includes organs, glands, joints, muscles, etc.

These reflexes are tested on the surface of the body, the findings are analyzed and a nutrition program designed specifically for YOU is made.

How do we get the body’s “reflex” information?
Electrical energy pathways exist between all parts and organs of the body. This is how the nervous system communicates and controls the human body. These electrical pathways can become disrupted for a variety of reasons. This disruption is easily discovered with our testing.

As a Certified Nutrition Response Testing practitioner, we will do a full body scan to properly assess each of your organs and body reflexes to determine where the nervous system is being affected and interfering with your health.

The practitioner will do the analysis by contacting your extended arm with one hand and contact the specific reflex area with the other hand. If the tested reflex is stressed, your nervous system will respond by reducing energy to the extended arm which will weaken and cause it to drop. A drop in the arm indicates underlying stress or dysfunction in that area which can be adversely affecting your health.

Once the underlying stress is corrected by the proper nutrition, this “weak” muscle response will no longer occur (signaling that healing has started to begin).

Since we directly use the intelligence of the body for analysis, it is faster and often more accurate than lab tests. There are also no huge expensive machines , no drugs, surgery, nasty needles or expensive lab fees to cover.

Following your initial health analysis and consultation, you will then be scheduled for a 2nd followup appointment to discuss your results in a way that you can understand, with a specific nutritional program to follow. (The cost to discuss your results are included in the first visit fee)

How soon will I see improvement?
Although every case is different, we often hear enthusiastic reports from patients in as little as 4-6 weeks. The fastest recoveries are often from those who have most closely adhered to their recommended nutritional program.

Is it important to stick to the plan?
Generally chronic health problems do not suddenly develop overnight. They develop over a long period of time (often years) eating nutrient depleted foods, processed foods and genetically modified foods. Caffeine and sugar for temporary boosts in energy combined with exposures to environmental chemicals, heavy metals, hidden infections and high stress levels has brought you to your current health condition.

Therefore, the sooner and more thoroughly you implement your program, the sooner you will start to see results. While on your program, if you continue those same old dietary habits and lifestyle routines that contributed to your current condition, you may not improve as you hoped. Therefore, a full commitment to your program and to the doctor’s recommendations are highly advised. Many times, changes have to be made to your diet on a more gradual basis so as not to overwhelm your ability to do the program and shock your body into routines it’s not accustomed to.

What are my chances for recovery?
Nutrition Response Testing, as developed by Dr. Freddie Ulan, looks similar to other kinesiology and muscle testing techniques, but is much more reliable and accurate. Practitioners who have undergone it’s intense training program (called Advanced Clinical Training), have received the highest training and certification compared to anyone in this field. These professionals have seen a wide variety of health conditions, including people with chronic long-term health issues and those who just come for wellness checks.

What must first be determined is whether or not you can be helped by Nutrition Response Testing. After your first visit, we will let you know if we think we can help you. If not, then we will not accept you as a patient. It’s our experience that the majority (over 90%) of people can be helped if they follow through with our recommendations and stay long enough to achieve maximum correction of their problems.

What happens next?
While you are on your nutritional program (designed specifically for you), we will continue to monitor your progress and adjust your program as needed. There are different phases of the program and in the first phase, called the “fine tuning phase,” we need to see you weekly for at least 6 visits. We will be monitoring your weak areas and making sure they are improving. In addition to making sure you are on the right supplements, we will be working on improving your diet and teaching you about health.

Once we see a definite improvement in your health, your visits will move to every two weeks for the next six weeks. This is called the “Healing and Observation” phase during which time additional layers to your health condition is revealed and continued healing is observed. Once you have reached maximum improvement and you are doing well, you will be moved to a “Maintenance Phase” where your visits are monthly or even quarterly.

This program will assist you in achieving optimal health and wellness because it is handling the real underlying cause of your health condition. At this point, you have learned how to be responsible for your health and you will have a freedom that few people have….
Healthcare without drugs!