Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

tickIn our area, cases of Lyme Disease are skyrocketing at an alarming rate.

Symptoms may include one or more of the following: Loss of energy, joint pains, tingling or numbness, muscle weakness, muscle cramps or painful muscles, heart palpitations, fever or night sweats, facial tics, brain fog, confusion, short-term memory loss, personality changes, anxiety, insomnia, vertigo or episodes of dizziness, blurred vision, swollen glands, skin rashes and more.

This disease is frequently found in children and many people do not experience a bull’s-eye rash or typical symptoms at all. Mood problems such as anxiety or depression may be the only sign.

When proper antibiotic therapy is administrated right away, the disease may be short lived. However, many don’t even know they have been bit and months later have the disease entrenched in their bodies. Antibiotics can help in the short term but the bacteria learn how to outsmart and hide from the medication, showing up in the body again after the prescription has finished. Too many rounds of antibiotics can hurt the digestive and immune system in the long run and many individuals are looking for alternative ways to help their bodies.

At the Sunrise Nutrition Center we acknowledge that everybody’s health can be improved with proper nutrition. Clients with Lyme Disease are no different.  In addition to providing nutrition recommendations, we support the natural healing process using a 3-tiered approach, which has proven excellent results.

First of all, we balance your biochemistry and fix any nutritional deficiencies by ordering the appropriate tests. Blood, urine and hair analysis testing is often utilized to determine your imbalances. The need for further functional medicine testing such as organic acids, stool testing, saliva hormone tests, or Autonomic Response Testing (ad advanced form of muscle testing), is determined on an individual basis.

Secondly, we screen the body for heavy metals, toxic chemicals and food allergies. Mercury, pesticides and genetically modified foods are commonly found to suppress the immune system in many of our clients.   When toxic substances are found, they are safely chelated from the body using a guided detoxification approach. Specific nutritional supplementation, ion foot-bath therapy, or laser energetic detoxification are some of the modalities we use. No matter what disease you have, removing these toxins will certainly improve your overall health.

Thirdly, we specifically support your immune system with the finest nutritional supplements and the best quality herbs. Each product is chosen based upon your biochemical individuality and muscle testing results.

During your initial consultation we will take an extensive history, do a full exam, and test your body for any imbalances. If needed, lab tests will be ordered, and you will soon return for the Report of Findings visit where your options will be explained.

If you or a loved one is suffering and you don’t know where to turn, we are here to help!

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