Heavy Metal Detoxification

Heavy Metal Detoxification

mercury-1How common is heavy metal toxicity?
Heavy Metal Toxicity is a major public health problem that is frequently forgotten. Mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, nickel and arsenic are commonly found heavy metals in the human body and can cause many chronic health problems. There are many people who have chronic illness that go to physicians with complaints that never really seem to go away. Large work-ups are done and nothing concrete is found. If metals are tested, then blood tests rarely find the problem because heavy metals accumulate in the brain, nervous system and organs of the body, not in the blood.

Is ADHD and Autism caused by heavy metals?
Although there are probably many factors involved, developmental Disorders (ADD, ADHD, Autism etc.) and mental illness are at an all time high. Heavy Metals in the brain (such as mercury) are a piece to the overall puzzle. Children with autism have been shown to have higher levels of heavy metals than normal kids. There is a proven link between heavy metal toxicity in the mother and children born with developmental problems due to the ability of heavy metals to cross the placenta. There are also many case reports of children and adults having great improvements in their condition once the metal has been removed from their body. Not only should adults be checked for heavy metal toxicity, but this is a problem especially in children, because children pick up heavy metals from exposure in the womb, vaccines and environmental pollution.

Tuna_assortmentIs it safe to eat fish?
One of the biggest and most common threats to our children is Mercury toxicity. That’s why the FDA has decided that pregnant women should not eat tuna fish (which is high in mercury) because of the extreme risk to the fetus. Other fish high in mercury include swordfish, shark, orange roughy, sea bass, lobster, halibut and snapper.

Besides fish, what are some other sources of heavy metal poisoning?
Silver amalgam fillings (are high in mercury, tin, copper and silver), vaccines, aluminum foil, aluminum cans, canned food, baking powder, tap water, air pollution, antiperspirants, antacids, treated lumber, fungicides, pesticides, hair dyes, cosmetics, paints, plumbing, hair dyes, car exhaust, cigarettes, dental crowns, cookware and mothers who pass on heavy metals to their babies.

Are mercury fillings safe?
Unfortunately, mercury fillings are very common in the older population and they have been proven to release mercury vapor into the body. They are not safe and contribute significantly to high levels of mercury throughout our population. Children born from mothers who have mercury fillings are also at high risk of toxicity.
What are symptoms of heavy metal poisoning?
Many people have no symptom at all. Other people experience one or more of the following symptoms: fatigue, depression, brain fog, blurred vision, memory loss, headaches, backaches, metallic taste in the mouth, lower intelligence, poor immune function, cardiac abnormalities, thyroid problems, attention deficit, autistic features, children with anger/rage problems, mood disorders, digestive problems, auto-immune diseases (such as MS, RA ), kidney problems, infertility and neurological symptoms (tremor, paraesthesia and neurodegenerative brain disease such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s disease).

How do I know if I have high levels of heavy metals?
Particular areas of the body can accumulate heavy metals. The brain and nervous system are frequently affected as well as the kidneys, heart, liver, thyroid or reproductive areas. Heavy metals will sometimes be detected in the hair as the body tries to eliminate it’s burden, however hair analysis is not the best method of detection. Certain people do not excrete heavy metals well and it may not show up.

A urine provocation test can also be done to evaluate heavy metals by taking a drug and measuring heavy metals in the urine. This is a general screen and may not release all the heavy metals in the body.

Resonance testing is non-invasive, requires no laboratory and gets results quickly and accurately. This is the quickest way to screen for possible heavy metal toxicity. We do a screening of 16 different heavy metals using your nervous system as a guide for detection.

Can heavy metals be removed using “natural methods?”
Yes. Heavy metals may require different herbs, homeopathic remedies and specific nutrition to encourage your body to release them. We also want stimulate your body’s own internal mechanisms for removing heavy metals. Periodic check-ups will be needed to ensure that your body is responding appropriately. Your organs of detoxification need to be clear during the process and should be supervised during the program.

Is it expensive?
No. It is a fraction of the cost of any standard medical procedure. Depending on what is found, you may only need to take a couple of supplements. While others may need more, (3 or 4 supplements), the right supplement has to be matched up with your findings. It is very individualized and there is no cookbook approach. Also, if your budget is tight, your program can be done in stages so that it’s very affordable!

We have many clients who successfully finished heavy metal detoxification with great results! It will enhance your overall nutrition program or as a stand-alone therapy.
Ask the doctor if resonance testing is for you.
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