Join the Shift from Drug care to Healthcare

Join the Shift from Drug care to Healthcare

How we can help you as your drug-free healthcare providersunrise natural health

1) We look for the underlying cause of your health condition

2) We look at the status of each and every organ and provide the best healing strategy.

3) We order the most comprehensive blood testing and fix imbalances with nutrients instead of drugs.

4) We realize it's difficult to be healthy in today's world and despite eating right and exercising you can still be sick or unhealthy.

5) If you have had a full medical workup and have been told that you are fine or it's all in your head, but you still know something is wrong, we will listen.

6) In addition to blood tests we offer saliva hormone testing, urine testing for kidney and bladder function, a urine test for oxidative stress, heart testing (heart rate variability analysis), Intestinal bacteria overgrowth test, parasitic and digestive analysis testing, heavy metal and environmental illness evaluation and much more.

7) We don't rely on any insurance company to dictate your treatment. You get what you need...period!

8) We realize that health is a journey, not a quick fix.

9) We encourage our patients to be proactive in their own healthcare and recognize that a patient-doctor partnership creates the best atmosphere for optimal healing.

10) Drug/nutrient interactions are real. If you have to be medications, we will ensure that nutrition does not interfere. Many drugs however cause nutrient depletion and stress to different organs which can be harmful in the long run. We can help identify those problems and help minimize drug side effects.

11) We look for structural imbalances that may be contributing or causing your symptoms.

12) We look for environmental causes that can lead or contribute to ill health.